Varying the weights between sets of deadlifts is a great way to add variety to your training and give yourself the confidence to pull heavier weights for more reps. The workout is based upon the strength training principle called post-tetanic potentiation.
Let’s say you want to get in several heavy sets of 4-6 reps in the deadlift, and your best result is 305 pounds for one set of 5 reps. Rather than using the same weight each set, load two bars, with one bar having 5-10 percent more weight than the other. Alternate between bars each set, performing sets of 4-6 with the lighter bar and sets of 1 with the heavier bar. A workout might progress as follows: 325lbs x 1, 300lbs x 6, 325lbs x 1, 300lbs x 5, 325lbs x 1, 300lbs x 4. The idea is that every time you go back down to the lighter weight, the bar doesn’t feel as heavy and this gives you the confidence to complete more reps than you could otherwise.